Sunday, June 22, 2008


Visit my blog? See the moving clock on the left? From the first look one won't be able to comprehend it right away what is the time right now. Look again for a second time. What you see is a moving item inside the circle. Do you see a number written on it? The number denotes the time in HOUR. What about the minutes...! it is denoted by the black straight line from centre outward. Each tiny black line segment represent 10 minutes. So... what time is it now? See it using a technical eye...

The message is... everything created either by God or human is a beauty and with a purpose, then find it. So... "Mengapa lubang hidung manusia dicipta oleh Allah menghala ke bawah, tidak ke atas?"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Musafir is tired ! yet close to God

Many times in your life and mine, we travel, particularly for a long distance, say more than 84 miles (134km). Traveler is called Musafir. This distance Muslim we call it '2 marhalah' where the traveler is allowed to combine and shorten the daily prayers, Muslim call it 'Jamak and Qasar'. The noon (Zuhr) and evening (Asr) can be combined and shortened. The evening (Maghrib) and night (Isya') prayers can be combined and shortened. The five (5) times daily prayers has to be performed without excuse. We can even pray on the bus while seated. This is the beauty of Islam where God provide a convenient way for traveler. For other Muslim scholar, the distance is not a condition, it can be applied as long as as purpose of the traveling is in the cause of God.

Beyond the 'conveniences' already provided, I had the opportunity to perform other additional (non-mandatory) prayers such as night prayers, tahajjud and others. How? I used to plan to board a 12.30pm mid-nite bus from Penang where it will arrive KL (Pudu Raya) 4 and a half hour later which is 5am. I will stay-up to proceed to the nearest prayer hall 'surau' at Pudu Bus Station to perform the early dawn prayer or tahajjud, 2+2+1 rakaah, read the Holy Quran and reflect it's meaning. Everyone especially the Muslim knows about the value of this prayer in the eye of God. The prayers is answered, wishes heard and sins forgiven, God willing. As a traveler I enjoy doing it.

Apart from all of this opportunities, we still see Muslims either travelers or not, have not performing their prayers consistently. Of course others who have not been traveling have all the time to wake-up early morning and perform the additional nite and tahajjud prayer.

Oo my daughters and sons, local and abroad, follow this rule of prayers as prescribed by God thru His Prophet Mohammad. We obey God, God will love us. May God accept our amal/effort.